Another step forward towards the opening of Corvera airport.

Another small but crucial step towards the opening of the new Region of Murcia International Airport was taken at the end of last week, when the transfer of civil aviation services from the airport of Murcia-San Javier was approved in the weekly meeting of the national Cabinet.

The proposal agreed to by Cabinet was for a partial segregation of the management company Aena to allow its new subsidiary to take over at the “AIRM” airport in Corvera, with the new company, formed specifically to manage operations at the facility, having a maximum initial share capital of 8.5 million euros (wholly owned by Aena). As a result it is now possible for all of the rights and duties of employees, suppliers and tenants to be transferred from San Javier to Corvera, enabling the transfer of flights (scheduled for 15th January 2019) to go ahead smoothly.

The Ministry of Development has already officially informed the Ministry of Defence, who own the airport in San Javier, that the last commercial flight will operate there on 14th January of next year, and the role of the national government in the transfer of operations is now almost complete. The Royal Decree of 1995 by which the facilities were declared to be shared between the air force and commercial traffic is now annulled, and passenger aircraft will be allowed to land in San Javier only in case of emergencies.